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あやかし恋廻り APK MOD Unlimited Money(1.58.1)

MOD APK Unlimited Money

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あやかし恋廻り MOD APK Simulation Game Information.

APK  MOD Name あやかし恋廻り
APK MOD Category Simulation
PlayStore ID com.voltage.ayakoi

あやかし恋廻り screenshots 1

あやかし恋廻り MOD APK Description: ◆◇あらすじ◇◆







【ミルクホールで一休み! 】







【問い合わせ連絡先】 [email protected]


Android OS:4.4以降




現代を生きる女性に癒しと楽しみを提供する「ボルテージの恋愛ドラマシリーズ(略称:ボル恋)」は、 2006年より配信を開始、現在は100タイトル以上を配信しており、全世界でプレイされています。
◆ ◇ Synopsis ◇ ◆
“Confront. For this love, spun for a thousand years.”
You who have awakened to the power of Onmyoji.
Fight with the youkai (Ayakashi) who were connected by the connection from the previous life, and save the crisis of the imperial capital!
Meiji Roman fantasy presented by a large volume scenario and gorgeous voice actors. A popular romance game that you can enjoy for free!

◆ ◇ Recommended for people like this ◇ ◆
・ I like romance game apps for women
・ I like romance game apps and otome games
・ I like training games
・ I like Japanese-style fantasy stories
・ I want to thoroughly enjoy the feature-length love story
・ I want to enjoy not only romance but also relationships and interactions between characters
・ I want to fight together, not just be protected by good-looking guys
・ I like romance games and otome games with serious and profound stories.
・ I like romance games featuring Ayakashi and the Meiji era.

◆ ◇ Story ◇ ◆

Time is the Meiji era
A gorgeous imperial capital that stands out in the new era.
Living with the father of an art dealer, you got an old Kagura bell.
It was the key to awakening the power of Onmyoji.
“I want you to protect the imperial capital with that power.”
What appeared before you who were confused were the youkai who were tied together at the edge of the previous life.
“I remembered my last promise.”
A conspiracy that moves behind the civilization.
A thousand-year-old tragedy that gradually becomes apparent.
Now again, the story of the fate of you and youkai begins–

◆ ◇ App Overview ◇ ◆

There are more than 15 handsome youkai! ]
Various youkai such as demons, Karasu Tengu, and demon foxes have appeared.
You can interact with youkai who move like they are alive in Live2D!
While patrolling the imperial capital, shorten the distance, and if a grudge appears, join forces to get rid of it!

[From bond to love-a story of a bond that gradually deepens]
In “Part 1-Kizuna-“, deepen your ties with your friends.
In “Part 2-Love-“, while approaching the truth of the case, love grows with the selected character.
For those who want to enjoy a story with a sense of love, there is also a “romantic edition” …!
You can read the main story for free every day.

[Take a break at the milk hall! ]
After the battle … to the milk hall, which is a hangout!
Invite the youkai and have a good time!
Maybe you can listen to everyone’s conversations that can only be heard here …! ??

◆ ◇ Gorgeous voice actors ◇ ◆

Jun Fukuyama / Takuma Terashima / Yuichiro Umehara / Shun Horie / Takuma Nagatsuka / Kenji Nojima / Shinnosuke Tachibana / Yoshiki Nakajima / Yoshiki Hosoya / Shou Nogami / Tomoki Ono / Tsubasa Yonaga / Ryohei Kimura / Daiki Hamano / Yuki Kaji / Tetsuya Kakihara / Hidenori Takahashi

◆ ◇ “Bol Koi” is recommended for people like this ◇ ◆

・ I have no eyes on otome games, a free romance app for women
・ I have no eyes on good-looking guys
・ I’m interested in various visual handsome guys
・ I want to play a romance game for free
・ I usually like free games and free romance games
・ I like card games ・ I like card-type romance games
・ I want to enjoy a romance game with items that are distributed free of charge every day
・ I like good-looking characters
・ I want to find my favorite handsome guy
・ I like nurturing romance games
・ I want to train and strengthen good-looking men by myself
・ I want to have a romance with a handsome guy
・ I want to enjoy a romance game
・ I want to enjoy romance simulation games and otome games for free
・ The one who has no eyes on romance games

In addition, recommended for all girls and maidens! The definitive romance game!

◆ ◇ Credit ◇ ◆

[Title] Ayakashi Koimaru
[Abbreviation] Aya Koi
[Genre] Meiji Roman Fantasy
[Official site]
[Official Twitter] @ayakoi_official
[Contact information] [email protected]

◆ ◇ Recommended environment ◇ ◆

Android OS: 4.4 or later
On-board memory (RAM): 2GB or more

* Operation outside the recommended environment is not supported.
* Please note that the operation may become unstable even in the recommended environment depending on the usage conditions.

“Live2D” of Live2D Co., Ltd. is used for this application.

◆ ◇ About the application provider Voltage ◇ ◆

Voltage Co., Ltd. provides entertainment content with the theme of “drama of love and battle”.
The “Voltage Romance Drama Series (abbreviation: Bol Koi)”, which provides healing and enjoyment to women living in the present age, began distribution in 2006, and currently has more than 100 titles distributed, and is being played all over the world. I will.
You can choose your favorite situation and your favorite handsome guy and experience the ideal love story of the main character.
Voltage will continue to deliver “Chest Kyun” to all women.

What’s New:

Mod Apk Bug Fixed.

あやかし恋廻り Mod Apk New Version Updated.

あやかし恋廻り Download Fast.

unlimited Unknow item.

unlimited gold/stones.

あやかし恋廻り  APK MOD and Unlimited Money, coins files included.

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