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明日之後-屍控之海 APK MOD Unlimited Money(1.0.227)

– MOD APK Unlimited Money

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明日之後-末日生存手遊 MOD APK Role Playing Game Information.

APK  MOD Name 明日之後-末日生存手遊
APK MOD Category Role Playing
PlayStore ID com.netease.mrzhtw

明日之後-末日生存手遊 screenshots 1

明日之後-末日生存手遊 MOD APK Description: 年度大型更新「混屍人」版本正式上線。

– 體驗半尸視角末日生存 –

– 廣闊開放世界自由共創 –

– 尋找同伴攜手末日求生 –

– 保持希望和求生的意志 –


The annual large-scale update “Hunshiren” version is officially launched.
In addition to humans, you can also choose the half-human and half-zombie “hybrid” status to experience a new doomsday survival method.
Live, together!

-Experience apocalyptic survival from the perspective of a half-corpse-
The organization named “Breaking Dawn” broke out in the dark apocalypse. They claimed that humans bitten by zombies are still alive-turning into “hustle people” to live, abandoning human identity, appearance, and abilities, and completely Change.
This sounds very risky, but if you are really on the verge of life and death, how will you choose?

-Create a vast and open world freely-
From snow-capped mountains to beaches, from forests to deserts, from swamps to cities… The vast apocalyptic world is full of crises, but it also contains infinite possibilities.
Explore every corner of the doomsday and witness the doomsday world with your footsteps. At the same time, you can also collect resources and work together with other survivors to build infrastructure, strengthen defenses, and resist zombies.

-Find a companion to join the doomsday survival-
As you explore the doomsday world, you will meet more survivors.
Enough of the roar of zombies and the roar of the night wind on the journey alone. Maybe you can try to open your heart, share food with your partners, talk at night over the bonfire, brick by brick, and work together to create a peaceful habitat.

-Maintain hope and the will to survive-
The end of the world is coming, and zombies are rampant. The original social order collapsed suddenly, and the familiar world became unfamiliar. The ubiquitous zombies covet the human place, the harsh weather and the lack of materials make it difficult to move forward, and the power struggle between survivors is also raging…
Danger is everywhere, please keep calm and do everything possible to survive!

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【contact us】
If you like our game, please follow the official fan club to get first-hand good news!
Official fan group:
For more questions, please contact customer service:

What’s New:

Mod Apk Bug Fixed.

明日之後-末日生存手遊 Mod Apk New Version Updated.

明日之後-末日生存手遊 Download Fast.

unlimited Unknow item.

unlimited gold/stones.

明日之後-末日生存手遊  APK MOD and Unlimited Money, coins files included.

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